Sunday, 4 August 2013

DIY Book Tote - Sherlock Holmes

This is the first tote bag in the series of the Book Totes project. Having studied literature, after graduating, I always wanted to do something more with the books I had read. Incorporating your favourite books in your DIY projects is a fun way to keep in touch.

Sherlock Holmes would have to be the first. Not only is it a classic tale, but Sherlock also has a great visual strength, with his characteristic hat and pipe. Furthermore, the wonderful BBC series Sherlock has driven me right into a Sherlock frenzy also strengthened my fascination with Sherlock Holmes.

I first cut out the front and the back of the tote in a fabric I thought would suit Sherlock. I made mine 48 by 40 cm because I wanted it to be big enough to fit everything when cycling around town.

The next step is to choose your image, draw the outline on the fabric and embroider with a basic stitch. Easy as pie! I like that the embroidery is simple but at the same time shows your handiwork.
Finally sew your tote together and add the handles.

 Enjoy your Book Tote! I am chuffed to bits that I can take my homemade bag to work (and can use it to carry my groceries on my way home in the evening as well).

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