Thursday, 1 August 2013

Make your own golden bumblebee wallpaper

Something had to give. 25 m² with too much stuff, all much loved, but put together they formed a great mess. My room in Nijmegen was a cacophonous clutter, consisting of carefully scavenged treasures from flee markets and charity shops. The big golden pigeon, the most cherished find from the charity shop, deserved a whiter canvas to shine. The collection of small figurines, paintings, stools, cushions and vintage cans had to make room for something else, what that something else should be, had to be decided after the big clearance. After getting over the petty idea that my room did not feel like my room without all the stuff, I decided the big empty wall would be my yellow brick road towards a more simple, mature and Pinterest worthy room. Pinterest turned out to be full of inspiring ideas for a 'statement wall'. Especially the 'stencil wall' was very appealing; it had many possibilities, was easy to make and furthermore, it was very inexpensive. 'A beautiful mess', queen amongst the DIY blogs, featured a stencil wall with horses.

DIY Stenciled Statement Wall (by A Beautiful Mess)

This is the horse stencil wall from Elsie's own home (visit their blog, you won't be disappointed, it's full of inspiring DIY and great photo's). The wall looks great, the pattern is easily adjustable to your own wishes and it is very inexpensive. For my wall, I have chosen to make a bumblebee pattern and instead of using stencils, I have used paper bumblebees.

Make your own wallpaper:

You need

- a shape to use on your wall. I have drawn a bumblebee using an example I found on the internet.
- paper from which to cut your pattern. I have used golden wrapping paper (€ 2.95 for 4 sheets, I have used 2 sheets). If you are not sure of the quality of the paper you want to use, test it by Mod Podging it to a piece of cardboard.
- Mod Podge
- adhesive tape
- scissors
- a brush


1 - Choose the colour of your wall. My wall was a light colour which I thought would go well with the golden bumblebees. If you want a different colour for your wallpaper, choose a nice shade of wallpaint.

2 - Choose the shape you want to use for your pattern. I really like the bumblebee, but you can choose any shape you like. Do keep in mind that, depending on the size of your wall, you may have to cut out your shape 50 times or more. So don't make it too complicated, or commit to a lot of cutting.

3 - Stick your bumblebees to the wall using a bit of tape so you can still move them if the pattern is crooked.

4 - Use Mod Podge, the liquid gold on Pinterest, to glue your shapes on the wall. Mod Podge has helped this project a lot. It does not only glue the shapes on the wall perfectly, but also provides a perfect finish. If you have never used Mod Podge, do not get startled by the white layer when you apply it, it will dry quickly, leaving a transparent finish.



I am really pleased with my bumblebee wall. It goes well with the rest of my room and makes for one big statement instead of dozens of little figurines and pillows.

The pigeon has gotten an honorary place on the big table.

Thanks a bunch for reading this post, let me know if you have any questions or any ideas, I would love to hear them.

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