Friday, 2 August 2013

Vintage finds - JAJ Pyrex

What better way to start the vintage finds posts than with JAJ Pyrex, the cherished British tableware with the wide range of colourful seventies patterns. J.A. Joblings started producing Pyrex tableware in Sunderland in 1922. With their heat resistant glass and beautiful patterns, Pyrex casseroles could go from the oven, straight on the dinner table. This caused for a huge success and Pyrex is still going strong today. Luckily, the Dutch charity shops are a goldmine when you want to scavenge for hidden Pyrex. This is the casserole loot, which shows some of the best known JAJ Pyrex patterns.

JAJ Pyrex patterns are known for their seventies colours and their fruit, vegetable and flower designs.
This flower pattern is called 'Indiana'.

This is one of the JAJ Pyrex vegetable patterns. What makes it special is the inclusion of the wine bottle and the wineglass, which make it a festive pattern. Not surprisingly, the pattern is called 'Fiesta'.

This pattern is a classic vegetable pattern. The design is simple and the colours are so pretty. The pattern is called 'Kent'.

 The last pattern is a pattern I find a bit unlike the other Pyrex patterns because of the finely detailed rose. It would be right at home amongst the French Arcopal vintage rose patterns. However, it is Pyrex and the pattern carries the beautiful name 'June Rose'.

I am planning on opening my very own Etsy shop to sell my vintage Pyrex finds. However, it is not ready to open yet, for the stock has to be Etsy worthy and consist of many vintage treasures and homemade items (like the Sgt. Pepper pepper mill I plan on posting soon!).

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